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Pinned rollers, pinned wheels and pinned tubes

Perforating rollers, perforating rings and other components are used in a variety of industries, and for each application and field we can supply the required and suitable tool.

perforating rollersPerforation is a common technique applied in the processing of a wide variety of materials, such as foils, plastic and paper, but also for leather, food and textiles, for the creation of predetermined breaking points for easy tearing off of parts, but also for changing the material properties such as air permeability or tactile feel. For each application and purpose, for each perforation size and spacing there must be a suitable perforating tool to meet the specific requirements.

The perfect tool for any job – perforating tools for professionals.

The company Gellrich+Habiger produces and supplies a multitude of perforating tools, including perforating axles, perforating tubes, perforating rollers, pinned rollers and perforating cylinders, as well as perforating plates. The individual perforating needles are either pressed into or glued onto a base made of materials such as brass, aluminum, steel or stainless steel, or also various plastics.

Special productions – customized perforating tools made to measure.

We are looking forward to working together with you so that we can produce exactly the perforating tool as required by you. In everything, from design and material to needling and needle offset, we will follow your instructions and specifications in all details when producing perforating rollers, perforating wheels and other perforating tools. Especially pinned rollers and pinned tubes are elements which are normally not mass-produced, but rather individually customized components – and our design and development team will be pleased to assist you personally when creating your perforating tool.

Your competent partner for spike rollers and other perforating tools.

Spike disks, spike plates or spike cylinders – the many variants of perforating tools from the company Gellrich+Habiger all have one thing in common: a superior quality which is continuously checked and ensured. Please do not hesitate to email us or phone with your questions or requests for further information; we are looking forward to working with you.

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